2-(10′,10′-Dimethyl-3′-sulfanylidene-4′-azatricyclo[¹,⁵]decan-2′-yl)-10,10-dimethyl-4-azatricyclo[¹,⁵]decane-3-thione Academic Article uri icon


  • The title compound, C28H40N2O2S2, was obtained as a minor product from an anti-aldol reaction between the corresponding N-propionyl-thiol-actam and benzaldehyde. The asymmetric unit contains one half-molecule, which is completed by inversion symmetry. The molecule displays a nearly eclipsed conformation along the central C-C bond with a C-C-C-C- torsion angle of 20.4 (3)°.

publication date

  • 2013