Activation of NAD-linked malic enzyme in intact plant mitochondria by exogenous coenzyme A Academic Article uri icon


  • O2 uptake by potato and cauliflower bud mitochondria oxidizing malate was progressively inhibited as the pH of the external medium was increased, in response to accumulation of oxaloacetate. Adding 0.5 mM coenzyme A to the medium reversed this trend by stimulating intramitochondrial NAD-linked malic enzyme at alkaline pH. In intact potato mitochondria, coenzyme A stimulation of malic enzyme was not observed when the external pH was above 7.5; in cauliflower mitochondria, coenzyme A stimulated even at pH 8. This difference in the response of intact mitochondria was attributed to an inherent difference in the properties of malic enzyme from the two tissues. Malic enzyme solubilized from potato mitochondria was inactive at pH values above 7.8, while that from cauliflower mitochondria retained its activity at pH 8 in the presence of coenzyme A. In potato mitochondria, coenzyme A stimulation of O2 uptake at alkaline pH was only observed when NAD+ was also provided exogenously. The results show that coenzyme A can be taken up by intact mitochondria and that pH, NAD+, and coenzyme A levels in the matrix act together to regulate malate oxidation.

publication date

  • May 1984