Zinc Finger Protein,Hzf, Is Required for Megakaryocyte Development and Hemostasis Academic Article uri icon


  • Using an expression gene trapping strategy, we recently identified a novel gene, hematopoietic zinc finger (Hzf), which encodes a protein containing three C(2)H(2)-type zinc fingers that is predominantly expressed in megakaryocytes. Here, we have examined the in vivo function of Hzf by gene targeting and demonstrated that Hzf is essential for megakaryopoiesis and hemostasis in vivo. Hzf-deficient mice exhibited a pronounced tendency to rebleed and had reduced alpha-granule substances in both megakaryocytes and platelets. These mice also had large, faintly stained platelets, whereas the numbers of both megakaryocytes and platelets were normal. These results indicate that Hzf plays important roles in regulating the synthesis of alpha-granule substances and/or their packing into alpha-granules during the process of megakaryopoiesis.


  • Kimura, Yuki
  • Hart, Adam
  • Hirashima, Masanori
  • Wang, Chen
  • Holmyard, Doug
  • Pittman, Jackie
  • Pang, Xin-Li
  • Jackson, Carl W
  • Bernstein, Alan

publication date

  • April 1, 2002