Niche overlap and competition for habitat between the helmeted honeyeater and the bell miner Academic Article uri icon


  • This study aimed to investigate the extent of habitat overlap and competition between helmeted honeyeaters and bell miners at Yellingbo State Nature Reserve by comparing the structural attributes of occupied habitat, the spatial distribution of suitable and occupied habitat, and the reoccupation of former habitat by the helmeted honeyeater following bell miner removal. The results suggest that little niche overlap occurs between the two honeyeaters, at least within the range of structural attributes measured in the study, and that competition appears to be for space rather than any other limiting resource. It is concluded that, in the short term, the best way to minimise the conflict between the two honeyeaters and favour the expansion of helmeted honeyeaters is to remove bell miners from adjacent habitat.

publication date

  • 1995

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