Gibberellin causes wide transcriptional modifications in the early stage of grape cluster development Academic Article uri icon


  • Yaghooti grape of Sistan is seedless, early ripening but has compact clusters. To study gibberellin effect on cluster compactness of Yaghooti grape, it has been studied transcriptomic changes in three developmental stages (cluster formation, berry formation and final size of cluster). We found out that 5409 of 22,756 genes in cluster tissue showed significant changes under gibberellin. Finally, it was showed that 2855, 2862 and 497 genes have critically important role on above developmental stages, respectively. GO enrichment analysis showed that gibberellin enhances biochemical pathways activity. Moreover, genes involved in ribosomal structure and photosynthesis rate in cluster tissue were up- and down- regulated, respectively. In addition, we observed location of metabolomic activities was transferred from nucleus to cytoplasm and from cytoplasm to cell wall and intercellular spaces during cluster development; but there is not such situation in gibberellin treated samples.

publication date

  • 2020