Stress Fracture of the Body of the Talus in Athletes Demonstrated with Computer Tomography Academic Article uri icon


  • PURPOSE:This article describes a series of four previously unreported stress fractures of the body of the talus. CASE SUMMARY:The four patients presented with ankle pain of gradual onset for periods of three weeks to 12 months. Radioisotope scans in all four patients showed identical pictures of markedly increased uptake in the region of the body of the talus. Computed tomographic scan images were also similar showing a distinct fracture line through the posterolateral aspect of the body of the talus extending into the subtalar joint. All four patients were treated differently ranging from rest to surgery, but no treatment appears totally successful. DISCUSSION:A single case of stress fracture of the neck of talus has previously been reported in a runner, but no previous cases of stress fracture of the body of the talus have been reported. The mechanism may be that in the presence of excessive subtalar pronation and plantar-flexion, the lateral process of the calcaneus impinges on the concave posterolateral corner of the talus. No treatment appeared totally successful but the authors would recommend a six week period of non-weight-bearing rest. RELEVANCE:The diagnosis of stress fracture of the body of the talus should be considered in the athlete who presents with gradual onset of ankle pain.

publication date

  • January 1996