Single-chain antibodies produced by phage display against the C-terminal 19 kDa region of merozoite surface protein-1 of Plasmodium yoelii reduce parasite growth following challenge Academic Article uri icon


  • Antibodies have the potential to be therapeutic reagents for malaria. Here we describe the production of a novel phage antibody display library against the C-terminal 19kDa region of the Plasmodium yoelii YM merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP1(19)). In vivo studies against homologous lethal malaria challenge show an anti-parasite effect in a dose dependent manner, and analysis by plasmon resonance indicates binding to the antigen is comparable to the binding of a protective monoclonal antibody. The data support the lack of a need for any antibody Fc-related function and hold great significance for the development of a therapeutic reagent for malaria.


  • Vukovic, Peter
  • Chen, Ke
  • Qin Liu, Xue
  • Foley, Michael
  • Boyd, Andrew
  • Kaslow, David
  • Good, Michael F

publication date

  • June 2002