Effect of some polypeptide hormones on the lateral mobility in plasma membranes of rat testes, I-cells and liver. Influence of development and ageing Academic Article uri icon


  • 1. The effect of different doses of six polypeptide hormones on pyrene diffusion in rat testes and liver plasma membranes was tested. Pyrene mobility was reduced in membranes possessing respective receptors. 2. An incubation time of 15 min of testes plasma membranes with 10(-5) M lutropin (LH) reduced pyrene and diphenyl hexatriene mobilities by 10-20%. 3. The addition of 10(-5) M LH to a suspension of intact L-cells from rats at different ages decreased the diffusion of membrane fluorescently labelled lipids and proteins by ca 60%. Diffusion was measured by fluorescence recovery after photobleaching. 4. Observed LH effects were independent of development and ageing.


  • Zlatanov, IV
  • Foley, M
  • Birmingham, J
  • Garland, PB

publication date

  • January 1989