Screening and prophylaxis to prevent hepatitis b reactivation other populations and newer agents Academic Article uri icon


  • Because of the relatively high prevalence of both hepatitis B infection and various forms of autoimmune inflammatory diseases treated with aggressive immunotherapy, reactivation of hepatitis B occurs in a substantial number of patients. The risk of reactivation depends on the degree and duration of immunosuppression. A large number of drug treatments have resulted in reactivation of hepatitis B virus infection and, based on the mechanisms and extent of immunosuppression, recommendations for some of the newer classes of immunosuppressive drugs are provided.


  • Sasadeusz, Joe
  • Grigg, Andrew
  • Hughes, Peter D
  • Lim, Seng Lee
  • Lucas, Michaela
  • McColl, Geoff
  • McLachlan, Sue Anne
  • Peters, Marion G
  • Shackel, Nicholas
  • Slavin, Monica
  • Sundararajan, Vijaya
  • Thompson, Alexander
  • Doyle, Joseph
  • Rickard, James
  • De Cruz, Peter
  • Gish, Robert G
  • Visvanathan, Kumar

publication date

  • 2019