New consistency tests for high-accuracy measurements of X-ray mass attenuation coefficients by the X-ray extended-range technique Academic Article uri icon


  • An extension of the X-ray extended-range technique is described for measuring X-ray mass attenuation coefficients by introducing absolute measurement of a number of foils - the multiple independent foil technique. Illustrating the technique with the results of measurements for gold in the 38-50 keV energy range, it is shown that its use enables selection of the most uniform and well defined of available foils, leading to more accurate measurements; it allows one to test the consistency of independently measured absolute values of the mass attenuation coefficient with those obtained by the thickness transfer method; and it tests the linearity of the response of the counter and counting chain throughout the range of X-ray intensities encountered in a given experiment. In light of the results for gold, the strategy to be ideally employed in measuring absolute X-ray mass attenuation coefficients, X-ray absorption fine structure and related quantities is discussed.


  • Chantler, CT
  • Islam, MT
  • Rae, NA
  • Tran, CQ
  • Glover, JL
  • Barnea, Z

publication date

  • March 1, 2012