Blind column selection protocol for two-dimensional high performance liquid chromatography Academic Article uri icon


  • The selection of two orthogonal columns for two-dimensional high performance liquid chromatography (LC×LC) separation of natural product extracts can be a labour intensive and time consuming process and in many cases is an entirely trial-and-error approach. This paper introduces a blind optimisation method for column selection of a black box of constituent components. A data processing pipeline, created in the open source application OpenMS®, was developed to map the components within the mixture of equal mass across a library of HPLC columns; LC×LC separation space utilisation was compared by measuring the fractional surface coverage, fcoverage. It was found that for a test mixture from an opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) extract, the combination of diphenyl and C18 stationary phases provided a predicted fcoverage of 0.48 and was matched with an actual usage of 0.43. OpenMS®, in conjunction with algorithms designed in house, have allowed for a significantly quicker selection of two orthogonal columns, which have been optimised for a LC×LC separation of crude extractions of plant material.


  • Burns, Niki K
  • Andrighetto, Luke M
  • Conlan, Xavier A
  • Purcell, Stuart D
  • Barnett, Neil W
  • Denning, Jacquie
  • Francis, Paul S
  • Stevenson, Paul G

publication date

  • July 2016