Chemiluminescence detection flow cells for flow injection analysis and high-performance liquid chromatography Academic Article uri icon


  • We have examined a range of new and previously described flow cells for chemiluminescence detection. The reactions of acidic potassium permanganate with morphine and amoxicillin were used as model systems representing the many fast chemiluminescence reactions between oxidising agents and organic analytes, and the preliminary partial reduction of the reagent was exploited to further increase the rates of reaction. The comparison was then extended to high-performance liquid chromatography separations of α- and β-adrenergic agonists, with permanganate chemiluminescence detection. Flow cells constructed by machining novel channel designs into white polymer materials (sealed with transparent films or plates) have enabled improvements in mixing efficiency and overall transmission of light to the photodetector.


  • Terry, JM
  • Mohr, S
  • Fielden, PR
  • Goddard, NJ
  • Barnett, NW
  • Olson, DC
  • Wolcott, DK
  • Francis, PS

publication date

  • 2012