FindingFMR1mosaicism in Fragile X syndrome Academic Article uri icon


  • Almost all patients with Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) exhibit a CGG repeat expansion (full mutation) in the Fragile Mental Retardation 1 gene (FMR1). Here, the authors report five unrelated males with FXS harboring a somatic full mutation/deletion mosaicism.Mutational profiles were only elucidated by using a combination of molecular approaches (CGG-based PCR, Sanger sequencing, MS-MLPA, Southern blot and mPCR).Four patients exhibited small deletions encompassing the CGG repeats tract and flanking regions, whereas the remaining had a larger deletion comprising at least exon 1 and part of intron 1 of FMR1 gene. The presence of a 2-3 base pairs microhomology in proximal and distal non-recurrent breakpoints without scars supports the involvement of microhomology mediated induced repair (MMBIR) mechanism in three small deletions.The authors data highlights the importance of using different research methods to elucidate atypical FXS mutational profiles, which are clinically undistinguishable and may have been underestimated.


  • Gonçalves, Thaís Fernandez
  • dos Santos, Jussara Mendonça
  • Gonçalves, Andressa Pereira
  • Tassone, Flora
  • Mendoza-Morales, Guadalupe
  • Ribeiro, Márcia Gonçalves
  • Kahn, Evelyn
  • Boy, Raquel
  • Gonçalves Pimentel, Márcia Mattos
  • Santos-Rebouças, Cíntia Barros

publication date

  • 2016