Intention tremor, parkinsonism, and generalized brain atrophy in male carriers of fragile X Academic Article uri icon


  • The authors report five elderly men with the fragile X premutation who had a progressive action tremor associated with executive function deficits and generalized brain atrophy. These individuals had elevated fragile X mental retardation 1 gene (FMR1) messenger RNA and normal or borderline levels of FMR1 protein. The authors propose that elevations of FMR1 messenger RNA may be causative for a neurodegenerative syndrome in a subgroup of elderly men with the FMR1 premutation.


  • Hagerman, RJ
  • Leehey, M
  • Heinrichs, W
  • Tassone, F
  • Wilson, R
  • Hills, J
  • Grigsby, J
  • Gage, B
  • Hagerman, PJ

publication date

  • July 10, 2001