3-D X-ray Diffraction Imaging with Nanoscale Resolution Using Incoherent Radiation Academic Article uri icon


  • A novel approach to X-ray diffraction data analysis for nondestructive determination of the shape of nanoscale particles and clusters in three-dimensions is illustrated with representative examples of composite nanostructures. The technique is insensitive to the X-ray coherence, which allows 3-D reconstruction of a modal image without tomographic synthesis and in situ analysis of large (over a several cubic millimeters) volume of material with a spatial resolution of few nanometers, rendering the approach suitable for laboratory facilities.


  • Nikulin, Andrei Y
  • Dilanian, Ruben A
  • Zatsepin, Nadia A
  • Gable, Brian M
  • Muddle, Barry C
  • Souvorov, Alexei Y
  • Nishino, Yoshinori
  • Ishikawa, Tetsuya

publication date

  • May 2007