Fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry of some anthracycline and bisanthracycline derivatives Academic Article uri icon


  • Fast atom bombardment (FAB) mass spectra of daunomycin, four of its derivatives, seven bisanthracyclines and three mixed-functional daunomycin-acridine derivatives are reported. These anthracyclines all exhibited their expected [MH]+ ions and peaks corresponding to the fragmentations which are characteristic of the anthracycline moiety, and in addition the spectra showed enhanced [MH + n]+ (n = 1-4) ions which were attributed to reductive processes occurring in the liquid matrix under FAB conditions. Daunomycin was also observed to form a dimeric cluster ion [M2H]+ together with associated reduced ions under FAB conditions. We have found that FAB mass spectrometry is an ideal method for the qualitative analysis of large, non-volatile derivatives of anthracyclines.

publication date

  • July 1988