Screening and Prophylaxis to Prevent Hepatitis B Reactivation Transplant Recipients Academic Article uri icon


  • Organ transplantation is a lifesaving procedure for many patients. To prevent rejection or graft-versus-host disease, recipients require long-term immunosuppression. In patients who have ever been exposed to hepatitis B, it is possible for reactivation to occur; this includes patients who are anti-hepatitis B core antibody-positive only or both anti-hepatitis B core antibody-positive and hepatitis B surface antibody-positive. The susceptibility to this varies with the nature of the transplant. Hepatitis B can be transmitted from donor to recipient. It is important to assess the hepatitis B status and formulate a strategy to prevent transmission and prevent reactivation.


  • Sasadeusz, Joe
  • Grigg, Andrew
  • Hughes, Peter D
  • Lim, Seng Lee
  • Lucas, Michaela
  • McColl, Geoff
  • McLachlan, Sue Anne
  • Peters, Marion G
  • Shackel, Nicholas
  • Slavin, Monica
  • Sundararajan, Vijaya
  • Thompson, Alexander
  • Doyle, Joseph
  • Rickard, James
  • De Cruz, Peter
  • Gish, Robert G
  • Visvanathan, Kumar

publication date

  • 2019