Continuously tunable, polarization controlled, colour palette produced from nanoscale plasmonic pixels Academic Article uri icon


  • Colour filters based on nano-apertures in thin metallic films have been widely studied due to their extraordinary optical transmission and small size. These properties make them prime candidates for use in high-resolution colour displays and high accuracy bio-sensors. The inclusion of polarization sensitive plasmonic features in such devices allow additional control over the electromagnetic field distribution, critical for investigations of polarization induced phenomena. Here we demonstrate that cross-shaped nano-apertures can be used for polarization controlled color tuning in the visible range and apply fundamental theoretical models to interpret key features of the transmitted spectrum. Full color transmission was achieved by fine-tuning the periodicity of the apertures, whilst keeping the geometry of individual apertures constant. We demonstrate this effect for both transverse electric and magnetic fields. Furthermore we have been able to demonstrate the same polarization sensitivity even for nano-size, sub-wavelength sets of arrays, which is paramount for ultra-high resolution compact colour displays.

publication date

  • 2016