Transmasculine People's Voice Function: A Review of the Currently Available Evidence Academic Article uri icon


  • This study aims to evaluate the currently available discursive and empirical data relating to those aspects of transmasculine people's vocal situations that are not primarily gender-related, to identify restrictions to voice function that have been observed in this population, and to make suggestions for future voice research and clinical practice.We conducted a comprehensive review of the voice literature. Publications were identified by searching six electronic databases and bibliographies of relevant articles. Twenty-two publications met inclusion criteria. Discourses and empirical data were analyzed for factors and practices that impact on voice function and for indications of voice function-related problems in transmasculine people. The quality of the evidence was appraised.The extent and quality of studies investigating transmasculine people's voice function was found to be limited. There was mixed evidence to suggest that transmasculine people might experience restrictions to a range of domains of voice function, including vocal power, vocal control/stability, glottal function, pitch range/variability, vocal endurance, and voice quality.More research into the different factors and practices affecting transmasculine people's voice function that takes account of a range of parameters of voice function and considers participants' self-evaluations is needed to establish how functional voice production can be best supported in this population.


  • Azul, D
  • Nygren, U
  • Södersten, M
  • Neuschaefer-Rube, C

publication date

  • 2017