Revised stratigraphical nomenclature for the Permo-Triassic Flagstone Bench Formation, northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica Academic Article uri icon


  • The East Antarctic Craton contains only one substantial outcrop of Palaeozoic–Mesozoic strata between 0° and 150°E; this lies in Mac. Robertson Land, on the eastern margin of the northern Prince Charles Mountains. These rocks are known as the Amery Group (Mond 1972, McKelvey & Stephenson 1990) and comprise dominantly fluviatile sandstones, with subordinate shales, coals and conglomerates. The lower formations of the Amery Group, the Radok Conglomerate and Bainmedart Coal Measures, contain a diverse Stage 5 palynomorph assemblage indicating a Baigendzhinian–Tatarian age (late Early–Late Permian, hereafter abbreviated as mid–Late Permian; Dibner 1978).

publication date

  • December 1993