A rapid and reliable PCR method for genotyping the ABO blood group. II: A2 and O2 alleles Academic Article uri icon


  • PCR permits direct genotyping of individuals at the ABO locus. Several methods have been reported for genotyping ABO that rely on differentiating the A, B, and O alleles at specific base substitutions. However, the O allele as defined by serology comprises at least two alleles (O1 and O2) at the molecular level, and most current ABO genotyping methods only take into account the O1 allele. Determining the presence of the O2 allele is critical, as this not-infrequent allele would be mistyped as an A or a B allele by standard PCR typing methods. Furthermore, none of the methods to date distinguish between the A1 and A2 alleles, even though 10% of all white persons are blood group A2. We have developed a method for genotyping the ABO locus that takes the O2 and A2 alleles into account. Typing for A2 and O2 by diagnostic restriction enzyme digestion is a sensitive, nonradioactive assay that provides a convenient method useful for forensic and paternity testing and for clarifying anomalous serological results.

publication date

  • 1996