Characterization of a KRAB Family Zinc Finger Gene,ZNF195,Mapping to Chromosome Band 11p15.5 Academic Article uri icon


  • We report the cDNA sequence of the zinc finger gene, ZNF195, which maps to chromosome 11p15.5. ZNF195 contains an N-terminal KRAB domain and 14 tandemly repeated Krüppel type zinc finger motifs at its C-terminus. Northern analysis shows expression of ZNF195 in adult heart, brain, placenta, skeletal muscle, and pancreas with a predominant transcript size of 4.3 kb. There is little expression in adult lung, liver, and kidney. In fetal lung, liver, kidney, and brain, the predominant transcript is 3.5 kb. Fetal brain also expresses a 4.3-kb transcript. RT-PCR analysis shows that two exons, 4a, which contains an inverted Alu sequence, and 4b, are differentially spliced and absent from the major transcript.

publication date

  • October 1997