Conformation analysis of Ferrocene and Decamethylferrocene via full-potential modeling of XANES and XAFS spectra Academic Article uri icon


  • Recent high-accuracy X-ray absorption measurements of the sandwich organometallics ferrocene (Fc) and decamethylferrocene (DmFc) at temperatures close to liquid helium are compared with new full-potential modeling of X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) covering the near-edge region (XANES) and above up to k = 7 Å(-1). The implementation of optimized calculations of the oscillatory part of the spectrum from the package FDMX allows detailed study of the spectra in regions of the photoelectron momentum most sensitive to differences in the molecular stereochemistry. For Fc and DmFc, this corresponds to the relative rotation of the cyclopentadienyl rings. When applied to high-accuracy XAFS of Fc and DmFc, the FDMX theory gives clear evidence for the eclipsed conformation for Fc and the staggered conformation for DmFc for frozen solutions at ca. 15 K. This represents the first clear experimental assignment of the solution structures of Fc and DmFc and reveals the potential of high-accuracy XAFS for structural analysis.


  • Bourke, JD
  • Islam, MT
  • Best, SP
  • Tran, CQ
  • Wang, F
  • Chantler, CT

publication date

  • 2016