The U.S. General Population's Experiences of Responding to Alcohol Problems Academic Article uri icon


  • Respondents in a 1984 national adult sample report on the experiences of treatment for alcohol problems, of talking to someone about an alcohol problem of their own, and of others' suggestion that the respondent cut down. Most who have been treated (3.4% on a lifetime basis, 1.3% within the last year) have also encountered informal pressures. A majority of respondents have pressured others to cut down their drinking; such efforts do not appear to be clustered in a few 'control specialists', and heavier drinkers are about as likely as lighter drinkers to pressure others. Within the family, the flow of pressure is from older to younger generations, and from women to men, but a heavy-drinking woman is as likely to be pressured as a heavy-drinking man. Somewhat more men than women report applying pressure on friends.

publication date

  • November 1989