Survey on Regulatory and Legal Compliance: Legal Quadrant and Conceptual Clustering Report uri icon


  • We present in this Deliverable: (i) a regulatory quadrant to describe the rule of law; (ii) a cluster of concepts to describe instruments and processes of the law; (iii) the methodology followed to select the technical papers concerning regulatory compliance; and (iv) an initial mapping to frame the selected papers about legal compliance that we will use in our final survey. The result is a conceptual clustering that is useful to analyse and differentiate compliance by (CbD) and through (CtD) design. This outcome is work in progress: it will evolve as the legal analysis is developed. Preliminary results have been also presented at Casanovas et al (2017), and Hashmi et al. (2018b). A comprehensive explanation of the legal quadrant can be found in Casanovas (2019) (in Poblet et al 2019, chapter 5). A recent survey on business and regulatory compliance can be found at Hashmi et al. (2018a).

publication date

  • 2019