Review and revision of Australian Germalus Stål, with new genera and further new species of Australian Geocorinae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Geocoridae)

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  • During a review of Australian Germalus Stål, types of all species recorded from Australia, as well as of the type species G. kinbergi Stål, originally described from Mauritius Island, were examined and illustrated to redefine and redescribe the genus as well as all the included species. As a result of this, the following synonymies have become necessary: G. humeralis Distant as junior synonym of G. victoriae Bergroth; G. roseobistriatus Kirkaldy as junior synonym of G. lineolosus Distant. Lectotype females have been designated for Germalus victoriae Bergroth, and Germalus lineolosus Distant.        The following new taxa have been discovered in the material available for this study: Germalus australis Malipatil sp. nov., Germalus fuscovittatus Malipatil sp. nov., Germalus littoralis Malipatil sp. nov., Capitostylus kurandae Malipatil gen. et sp. nov., Unicageocoris griseus Malipatil gen. et sp. nov., and Ausogeocoris westraliensis Malipatil gen. et sp. nov. Keys to the six genera of Geocorinae, and to the six species of Germalus, now recognised in Australia, are provided.

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  • December 11, 2013