A (1→4)-β-mannan-specific monoclonal antibody and its use in the immunocytochemical location of galactomannans Academic Article uri icon


  • Galactomannan was coupled to a protein carrier for the preparation of monoclonal antibodies. The monoclonal antibodies generated bound to galactomannans from different sources as well as to glucomannan and galactoglucomannan. One monoclonal antibody, BGM C6, was characterised and found to be specific for (1-->4)-beta-linked mannopyranosyl residues; it had a binding affinity estimated at 1x10(-6) M for the (1-->4)-beta-linked mannohexaose. BGM C6 was used in immunogold labelling studies to locate galactomannans in the endosperm walls of normal coconuts (Cocos nucifera L.) and those of the mutant makapuno at two different developmental stages. The pattern and intensity of antibody labelling varied for each type of coconut at the mature and immature stages, indicating differences in the galactomannan composition of the endosperm walls.

publication date

  • December 2001