Realistic 3D coherent transfer function inverse filtering of complex fields Academic Article uri icon


  • We present a novel technique for three-dimensional (3D) image processing of complex fields. It consists in inverting the coherent image formation by filtering the complex spectrum with a realistic 3D coherent transfer function (CTF) of a high-NA digital holographic microscope. By combining scattering theory and signal processing, the method is demonstrated to yield the reconstruction of a scattering object field. Experimental reconstructions in phase and amplitude are presented under non-design imaging conditions. The suggested technique is best suited for an implementation in high-resolution diffraction tomography based on sample or illumination rotation.


  • Cotte, Y
  • Toy, FM
  • Arfire, C
  • Kou, SS
  • Boss, D
  • Bergoënd, I
  • Depeursinge, C

publication date

  • 2011