Whole Genome Sequence Resource of the Asian Pear Scab Pathogen, Venturia nashicola Academic Article uri icon


  • Venturia nashicola, the cause of scab disease of Asian pears, is a host-specific, biotrophic fungus. It is restricted to Asia and is regarded as a quarantine threat outside this region. European pear displays nonhost resistance (NHR) to V. nashicola and Asian pears are nonhosts of V. pyrina (the cause of European pear scab disease). The host specificity of these two fungi is likely governed by differences in their effector arsenals, with a subset hypothesized to activate NHR. The Pyrus-Venturia pathosystem provides an opportunity to dissect the underlying genetics of nonhost interactions in this potentially more durable form of resistance. The V. nashicola genome will enable comparisons to other Venturia spp. genomes to identify effectors that potentially activate NHR in the pear scab pathosystem.

publication date

  • 2019