Selective Photon-Stimulated Desorption of Hydrogen from GaAs Surfaces Academic Article uri icon


  • Photon-stimulated desorption of H(+) from hydrogenated GaAs (110) and (100) surfaces was studied as a function of photon energy. Distinct peaks, observed around As 3d core-level binding energy for desorption from the GaAs (100) surface and in the As 3d and Ga 3p region for desorption from the GaAs (110) surface, show a striking similarity with the fine structure (spin-orbit splitting) measured in the photoemission from As 3d and Ga 3p levels. These results provide clear evidence for direct desorption processes and represent a basis for selective modification of hydrogenated GaAs surfaces.


  • Petravić, M
  • Deenapanray, PNK
  • Comtet, G
  • Hellner, L
  • Dujardin, G
  • Usher, BF

publication date

  • January 1, 2000