The role of lipid rafts in T cell antigen receptor (TCR) signalling Academic Article uri icon


  • Plasma membranes of many cell types contain domains enriched in specific lipids and cholesterol, called lipid rafts. In T lymphocytes, key T cell antigen receptor (TCR) signalling molecules associate with rafts, and disrupting raft-association of certain of these abrogates TCR signalling. The TCR itself associates with lipid rafts, and TCR cross-linking causes aggregation of raft-associated proteins. Furthermore, raft aggregation promotes tyrosine phosphorylation and recruitment of signalling proteins, but excludes the tyrosine phosphatase CD45. Together the data suggest that lipid rafts are important in controlling appropriate protein interactions in resting and activated T cells, and that aggregation of rafts following receptor ligation may be a general mechanism for promoting immune cell signalling.


publication date

  • February 2000