Charge transport enhancement in supramolecular oligothiophene assemblies using Pt(ii) centers as a guide Academic Article uri icon


  • The self-assembly properties of a series of square planar Pt(ii) complexes have been related to their charge transport properties, finding higher mobility values in the complexes placing the Pt centers in closer proximity.


  • Ruiz-Carretero, Amparo
  • Atoini, Youssef
  • Han, Tianyan
  • Operamolla, Alessandra
  • Ippolito, Stefano
  • Valentini, Cataldo
  • Carrara, Serena
  • Sinn, Stephan
  • Prasetyanto, Eko Adi
  • Heiser, Thomas
  • Samori, Paolo
  • Farinola, Gianluca
  • De Cola, Luisa

publication date

  • 2019