Shrinkage curves for powder and granular bentonites Conference Paper uri icon


  • Bentonite is one of the most commonly used materials in geotechnical engineering applications especially for isolation purposes due its low permeability and its highly expansive nature. For instance, Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL) self-healing ability relies on the swelling properties of the bentonite to close any holes in the GCL while the low permeability of the bentonite serves to reduce the infiltration of leachate to the surrounding soil. However, different types of bentonite have different shrinkage or swelling properties and hence affects the effectiveness of the GCL. A method to assess the wetting/drying induced volume change of the bentonite is through its shrinkage curve. This paper focuses on the shrinkage behaviour of reconstituted granular and powder bentonites which are used in GCL. Photogrammetry method is used to measure the volume change of specimen during drying. The shrinkage curves of the bentonites are then compared with other bentonites from the literature.

publication date

  • 2019