In the eye of the swiper: a preliminary analysis of the relationship between dating app use and dimensions of body image Academic Article uri icon


  • BACKGROUND:Dating apps are largely visual platforms and based on evaluations of the attractiveness of users. Thus, engaging with this type of social media may be associated with body image concerns. OBJECTIVE:This study aimed to explore the relationship between dating app use and body image. METHODS:College students (n = 170, 50% females) reported on dating app use, as well as body shame, surveillance, body satisfaction, media ideal internalization, and controllability beliefs related to weight/shape. RESULTS:Among males, frequent checking of dating apps was positively correlated with body shame and negatively with beliefs regarding weight/shape controllability. Media internalization was negatively correlated with experiencing negative feelings when using dating apps, and positively with positive feelings. Few associations emerged among females. CONCLUSION:Dating app use seems most tightly associated with body image concerns among males. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE:Level V, cross-sectional descriptive study.

publication date

  • October 1, 2020