Stachyonic Acid: A Dengue Virus Inhibitor from Basilicum polystachyon Academic Article uri icon


  • Stachyonic acid A, arising from the first in-depth phytochemical investigation of the herb Basilicum polystachyon, was found to display potent inhibitory activity against dengue virus, with limited cytotoxicity. Andrographolide, a known dengue virus inhibitor and closely related labdane-type diterpene, is structurally more complex but displayed poor antiviral activity in the PRNT assay, and increased cytotoxicity in comparison. Furthermore, a Diels-Alder reaction with PTAD identified the active pharmacophore of stachyonic acid to be the conjugated diene.


  • Tan, Yuen P
  • Houston, Sevan D
  • Modhiran, Naphak
  • Savchenko, Andrei
  • Boyle, Glen M
  • Young, Paul R
  • Watterson, Daniel
  • Williams, Craig M

publication date

  • 2019