Cyclooctatetraene: a bioactive cubane paradigm complement Academic Article uri icon


  • Cubane was recently validated as a phenyl ring (bio)isostere, but highly strained caged carbocyclic systems lack π character, which is often critical for mediating key biological interactions. This electronic property restriction associated with cubane has been addressed herein with cyclooctatetraene (COT), using known pharmaceutical and agrochemical compounds as templates. COT either outperformed or matched cubane in multiple cases suggesting that versatile complementarity exists between the two systems for enhanced bioactive molecule discovery.


  • Xing, Hui
  • Houston, Sevan D
  • Chen, Xuejie
  • Ghassabian, Sussan
  • Fahrenhorst-Jones, Tyler
  • Kuo, Andy
  • Murray, Cody-Ellen P
  • Conn, Kyna-Anne
  • Jaeschke, Kara N
  • Jin, Da-Yun
  • Pasay, Cielo
  • Bernhardt, Paul V
  • Burns, Jed M
  • Tsanaktsidis, John
  • Savage, G Paul
  • Boyle, Glen M
  • De Voss, James J
  • McCarthy, James
  • Walter, Gimme H
  • Burne, Thomas HJ
  • Smith, Maree T
  • Tie, Jian-Ke
  • Williams, Craig M

publication date

  • 2019