The cubane paradigm in bioactive molecule discovery: further scope, limitations and the cyclooctatetraene complement Academic Article uri icon


  • Trials and tribulations of the cubane paradigm in biomolecule discovery highlight synthetic limitations, culminating in a continuing guide for practitioners, which includes cyclooctatetraene.


  • Houston, Sevan D
  • Fahrenhorst-Jones, Tyler
  • Xing, Hui
  • Chalmers, Benjamin A
  • Sykes, Melissa L
  • Stok, Jeanette E
  • Soto, Clementina Farfan
  • Burns, Jed M
  • Bernhardt, Paul
  • De Voss, James J
  • Boyle, Glen M
  • Smith, Maree T
  • Tsanaktsidis, John
  • Savage, G Paul
  • Avery, Vicky M
  • Williams, Craig M

publication date

  • 2019