Mobile phone based electrochemiluminescence detection in paper-based microfluidic sensors Chapter uri icon

Book Title

  • Mobile health technologies: methods and protocols


  • The development of simple, inexpensive paper-based sensors for medical diagnostics and other applications is now an important emerging area in the field of biosensors; however, the electronic instrument or reader used to interrogate such sensors adds significantly to the cost of the analysis. In this chapter we describe the design and construction of novel, low-cost disposable electrochemiluminescent (ECL) sensors based on screen printed carbon electrodes and paper-based microfluidics. Moreover, a method to interrogate these sensors using only a mobile phone is articulated. This is realized by exploiting the audio output of the device to achieve electrochemical control, while using the camera to detect the resulting light emitted during the ECL reaction. The combination of cell phone technology with low-cost paper microfluidic sensors dramatically reduces the cost of sensing and has the potential to enhance health-care outcomes by exploiting the functionality, connectivity, and close to worldwide penetration of mobile phone technology.

publication date

  • 2015