An evaluation of treatment integrity in a randomised controlled trial of memory rehabilitation for people with multiple sclerosis Academic Article uri icon


  • To assess the treatment integrity of a memory rehabilitation programme for people with multiple sclerosis.Data were drawn from the intervention group of a randomised controlled trial of memory rehabilitation. This comprised 24 participants with multiple sclerosis.Four core session components were identified from the treatment manual: recap, activities, take-home activity and other. One video-recording of each of ten intervention sessions was transcribed and amount of time spent on components recorded.There were no significant differences between early and late stages of the programme in time spent on the core components (recap Z= -0.87, P=0.49; activities Z = -0.29, P=0.89; take-home activity Z = -0.59, P=0.69; other Z = -0.58, P=0.69). Thus, adherence to the manual was good with no evidence of programme drift.Good adherence indicates the intervention was delivered as described in the manual and strengthens confidence in the findings of the randomised controlled trial.


  • Smale, Kathryn J
  • Carr, Sara E
  • Schwartz, Annette F
  • das Nair, Roshan
  • Lincoln, Nadina B

publication date

  • 2015