Red-Green-Blue Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Utilizing a Digital Camera as Detector Academic Article uri icon


  • Exploiting the distinct excitation and emission properties of concomitant electrochemiluminophores in conjunction with the inherent color selectivity of a conventional digital camera, we create a new strategy for multiplexed electrogenerated chemiluminescence detection, suitable for the development of low-cost, portable clinical diagnostic devices. Red, green and blue emitters can be efficiently resolved over the three-dimensional space of ECL intensity versus applied potential and emission wavelength. As the relative contribution ratio of each emitter to the photographic RGB channels is constant, the RGB ECL intensity versus applied-potential curves could be effectively isolated to a single emitter at each potential.


  • Doeven, E
  • Barbante, G
  • Kerr, E
  • Hogan, C
  • Endler, J
  • Francis, P

publication date

  • 2014