Quantitative feed restriction or meal-feeding of broiler chicks alter functional development of enzymes for protein digestion Academic Article uri icon


  • 1. Two experiments were performed on broiler chicks to determine the effect of either quantitative feed restriction (QFR) from 5 to 11 d of age or meal-feeding (MF) from d 5 to 17 on development of activity of enzymes associated with protein digestion. 2. Proteolytic activity of the proventriculus was reduced by QFR but unaffected by MF. 3. General proteolytic and carboxypeptidase A activities of the pancreas were reduced by QFR and MF. 4. Amino- and dipeptidase activities of the small intestine were increased by QFR. Dipeptidase activity was unaffected by MF. 5. Nitrogen retention of QFR chicks was lower immediately following feed restriction but not in the 2 weeks following return to ad libitum access to feed. 6. Feeding regimen alters functional development of the enzymes of protein digestion and may therefore influence growth rate of broilers.

publication date

  • December 2003