Genes and spacers of cloned sea urchin histone DNA analyzed by sequencing Academic Article uri icon


  • A cloned histone gene cluster of the highly reiterated type from the sea urchin Psammechinus miliaris was analyzed by DNA sequencing. More than half of the 6 kb repeat was sequenced, including coding regions of all five histones, some prelude and trailing sequences lying adjacent to the structural gense, and segments of the AT-rich spacer DNA. The gene cluster does not code for gonad-specific histone variants but may instead be active in early sea urchin development, as indicated by comparison to reference histones. The encoded histones seem not to be derived from longer precursor proteins, not is there any evidence for insert sequences within the coding regions. Sequence similarities exist among the putative ribosome-binding sites adjacent to the initiator codons of individual genes. The AT-rich spacer segments between the genes differ from each other, are made up from relatively simple nucleotide arrangements, but are not repetitious, and apparently do not code for additional large proteins.


  • Schaffner, W
  • Kunz, G
  • Daetwyler, H
  • Telford, J
  • Smith, HO
  • Birnstiel, ML

publication date

  • July 1978

published in