Genome-Wide Mapping and Interrogation of the Nmp4 Antianabolic Bone Axis Academic Article uri icon


  • PTH is an osteoanabolic for treating osteoporosis but its potency wanes. Disabling the transcription factor nuclear matrix protein 4 (Nmp4) in healthy, ovary-intact mice enhances bone response to PTH and bone morphogenetic protein 2 and protects from unloading-induced osteopenia. These Nmp4(-/-) mice exhibit expanded bone marrow populations of osteoprogenitors and supporting CD8(+) T cells. To determine whether the Nmp4(-/-) phenotype persists in an osteoporosis model we compared PTH response in ovariectomized (ovx) wild-type (WT) and Nmp4(-/-) mice. To identify potential Nmp4 target genes, we performed bioinformatic/pathway profiling on Nmp4 chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-seq) data. Mice (12 w) were ovx or sham operated 4 weeks before the initiation of PTH therapy. Skeletal phenotype analysis included microcomputed tomography, histomorphometry, serum profiles, fluorescence-activated cell sorting and the growth/mineralization of cultured WT and Nmp4(-/-) bone marrow mesenchymal stem progenitor cells (MSPCs). ChIP-seq data were derived using MC3T3-E1 preosteoblasts, murine embryonic stem cells, and 2 blood cell lines. Ovx Nmp4(-/-) mice exhibited an improved response to PTH coupled with elevated numbers of osteoprogenitors and CD8(+) T cells, but were not protected from ovx-induced bone loss. Cultured Nmp4(-/-) MSPCs displayed enhanced proliferation and accelerated mineralization. ChIP-seq/gene ontology analyses identified target genes likely under Nmp4 control as enriched for negative regulators of biosynthetic processes. Interrogation of mRNA transcripts in nondifferentiating and osteogenic differentiating WT and Nmp4(-/-) MSPCs was performed on 90 Nmp4 target genes and differentiation markers. These data suggest that Nmp4 suppresses bone anabolism, in part, by regulating IGF-binding protein expression. Changes in Nmp4 status may lead to improvements in osteoprogenitor response to therapeutic cues.


  • Childress, Paul
  • Stayrook, Keith R
  • Alvarez, Marta B
  • Wang, Zhiping
  • Shao, Yu
  • Hernandez-Buquer, Selene
  • Mack, Justin K
  • Grese, Zachary R
  • He, Yongzheng
  • Horan, Daniel
  • Pavalko, Fredrick M
  • Warden, Stuart J
  • Robling, Alexander G
  • Yang, Feng-Chun
  • Allen, Matthew R
  • Krishnan, Venkatesh
  • Liu, Yunlong
  • Bidwell, Joseph P

publication date

  • 2015

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