Ultrasound usage and dosage in sports physiotherapy Academic Article uri icon


  • Ultrasound (US) therapy is the most widely available and frequently used electrophysical agent in physiotherapy. Despite this, there is minimal scientific evidence supporting its use. This raises the question of how is US being used in clinical practice? With a questionnaire, this study investigated US usage and dosage in sports physiotherapy. The results confirm the wide availability and frequent use of US. Applications were found to cover a wide range of clinical scenarios, during which therapists use a range of dosages. Two trends in dosage were evident and relate to the treatment of either acute or chronic conditions. Although rationale exists for these dosages, clinical evidence is currently lacking. Reasons for this lack of evidence are discussed. The results of this study provide a profile of US usage and dosage in sports physiotherapy and highlight the need for further research into its effects.

publication date

  • August 2002