Characterisation of novel and rare Y-chromosome short tandem repeat alleles in self-declared South Australian Aboriginal database Academic Article uri icon


  • Y-chromosome short tandem repeats (Y-STRs) are used in forensic science laboratories all over the world, as their application is wide and often vital in solving casework. Analysis of an in-house database of South Australian self-declared Aboriginal males held by Forensic Science South Australia (FSSA) using the Applied Biosystem's AmpFℓSTR® Yfiler™ PCR Amplification Kit revealed 43 variant Y-STR alleles at 6 of the 17 loci. All variant alleles were sequenced to determine the exact repeat structure for each. As a high level of admixture has previously been found within the SA Aboriginal database, samples were haplogrouped using Y-SNPs to determine their likely geographical origin. Although a number of variant alleles were associated with non-Aboriginal Y-haplogroups, a high frequency was observed within the Australian K-M9 lineage. Detailed knowledge of these variant alleles may have further application in the development of new DNA markers for identification purposes, and in population and evolutionary studies of Australian Aborigines.


  • Oorschot, Roland
  • Collins, TE
  • Ottens, R
  • Ballantyne, KN
  • Nagle, N
  • Henry, J
  • Taylor, D
  • Gardner, MG
  • Fitch, AJ
  • Goodman, A
  • van Oorschot, RAH
  • Mitchell, RJ
  • Linacre, A

publication date

  • 2014