Basimarols A, B, and C, Highly Oxygenated Pimarane Diterpenoids from Basilicum polystachyon Academic Article uri icon


  • The highly oxygenated pimarane diterpenoids basimarols A, B, and C (3-5) were isolated from the plant species Basilicum polystachyon, which was collected within the Australian arid zone. Structure elucidation was performed using a suite of spectroscopic techniques, including X-ray crystallography. Anticancer and anti-DENV activity of 3-5 was explored, but only limited activity was observed. More extensive antiviral evaluation of stachyonic acid A (1), which was also isolated from B. polystachyon, revealed broad spectrum antiviral activity against West Nile virus (Kunjin strain, WNVKun) and human influenza viruses H1N1 and H3N2.


  • Tan, YP
  • Xue, Y
  • Savchenko, AI
  • Houston, Sevan D
  • Modhiran, N
  • McMillan, CLD
  • Boyle, GM
  • Bernhardt, PV
  • Young, PR
  • Watterson, D
  • Williams, CM

publication date

  • 2019