Observations On The Reproductive Biology Of Myoictis Albopunctatus And Dasyurus Spartacus, Dasyurid Wallacei, Neophascogale Lorentzi, Dasyurus Marsupials Endemic To New Guinea. Academic Article uri icon


  • FIELD and laboratory observations on the reproductive biology of seven species of dasyurid marsupials endemic to New Guinea (viz. ?Antechinus? habbema, ?Antechinus? melanurus, ?Antechinus? naso, Murexia longicaudata, Murexia rothschildi, Myoictis melas and Phascolosorex dorsalis) have been recorded by Woolley (in press). Here, less detailed observations on another four, previously unstudied, species (Myoictis wallacei, Neophascogale lorentzi, Dasyurus albopunctatus and Dasyurus spartacus) are presented to provide information on some aspects of reproduction in each species. Only a small number of individuals of each species were trapped, or collected by other means, and maintained in captivity (Table 1). The methods used for trapping and maintenance can be found in Woolley (1993), and for the observations made on the animals, Woolley (in press). Captive breeding could not be attempted because only one sex of each species was maintained. The limited reproductive data obtained from individuals at the time of capture, and from captive animals, is summarised for males in Table 2 and Fig. 1, and for females in Table 3.

publication date

  • 2001