Combating Human Pathogens and Cancer by Targeting Phosphoinositides and Their Metabolism Academic Article uri icon


  • Pathogens and tumor cells have adopted various adept strategies to evade immunosurveillance and promote their growth and survival. There has been substantial evidence demonstrating phosphoinositide lipids and their modifying enzymes as essential host targets that are often hijacked by pathogens and tumor cells. The common dependence of pathogen virulence and tumor progression on phosphoinositides presents an exciting disease-combating potential, particularly combinatorial therapeutics. While traditional approaches to pharmacologically inhibit phosphoinositide-metabolizing enzymes has shown some promise, the direct targeting of phosphoinositides has recently emerged as a novel therapeutic strategy. Our review provides a current picture of the role of phosphoinositides during pathogen virulence and tumorigenesis as well as a thorough discussion on promises, challenges, and new perspectives of phosphoinositide-targeting drug development.

publication date

  • 2019