Effects of adenosine triphosphate on the vase life of cut carnation flowers Academic Article uri icon


  • The addition of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to vase solutions at a concentration of 0.01−0.50 mmol/L markedly extended the vase life of cut carnation flowers at 25°C and 80−90% relative humidity. The most beneficial effect on vase life was observed at 0.1 mmol/L ATP, with a 28% extension over non-ATP-treated flowers. Furthermore, the addition of ATP at 0.1 mmol/L increased flower size by 12% by the end of the vase-holding period and significantly extended the time to maximum flower expansion by 1.7 days, compared with non-ATP-treated flowers held in distilled water. Our data suggest that exogenous ATP supply is an effective method to extend the vase life of cut carnation flowers.


publication date

  • 2006