Late Quaternary Fluvial Sedimentation in the Voidomatis Basin, Epirus, Northwest Greece Academic Article uri icon


  • AbstractDetailed morpho- and lithostratigraphic investigations, allied with radiometric dating, in the Voidomatis basin, Epirus, northwest Greece, have identified four Quaternary terraced alluvial fills that range from middle Pleistocene to historic in age. Major-periods of alluviation during the late Quaternary were associated with valley glaciation (ca. 26,000–20,000 yr B.P.) and subsequent deglaciation (ca. 20,000–15,000 yr B.P.) in the Pindus Mountains during Late Würmian times, and more recently linked to overgrazing sometime before the 11th century AD. The late Quaternary alluvial stratigraphy of the Voidomatis River is more complex than the “Older Fill” and “Younger Fill” model outlined previously, and it is suggested that these terms should no longer form the basis for defining alluvial stratigraphic units in the Mediterranean Basin.

publication date

  • January 1991